Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposit and Withdrawals


Before you can start trading, you need to deposit money onto the IGM Holdings platform. This typically is done via a bank account, payment provider, or a credit or debit card. Payments from third parties, i.e. those who are not the IGM account holder, are not accepted. This is a rule that’s in place as per the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation that we are bound by.

If you are submitting your deposit via credit or debit card, you must also include a scan or photograph of the card you will use. Failure to do so can result in the deposit being rejected.

When making deposits via credit or debit card, it may be that a fee is charged by your service provider. This means that the amount deposited may vary from the amount that you authorized. Please note that IGM Holdings does not take any fees from you and that all incurred fees are at the discretion of your bank, card issuer, or service provider.


You can request a withdrawal of funds from IGM Holdings. It can be executed in various ways, for example to your bank, credit or debit card, or your third-party payment providers.

To make a withdrawal, follow this process:
1. Log into your IGM Holdings account.
2. Open an internal transfer tab and input the amount of funds you want to withdraw into your MoneyBox.
3. Execute the transaction.
4. Once this is complete, you can withdraw from your MoneyBox, to your card, account, or payment provider.
5. You will need to complete a form, authorizing the withdrawal of funds, and then submit it.

You must also take into consideration, the following points:
● There may be occasions where additional documents are required. If this is the case, you will be contacted by a customer service representative within one working day.
● Also, note that you can only withdraw to the bank account that you used to make the deposit. This is also the case with card transactions.
● Again, IGM Holdings does not charge any fees for making a withdrawal. Any deductions are the responsibility of your bank, card provider, or payment provider.
● The withdrawal process takes between two and six working days from the moment the request is submitted until funds are released. It may take your bank, card provider, or payment provider additional time to clear the funds once they receive them. IGM Holdings is not responsible for delays or issues caused by any third party.
● All withdrawals must be made to the same person that holds the IGM Holdings account, and who owns the method in which the withdrawal will be deposited.